Features, Fixes, Future

Despite the silence in our blog, we accomplished many goals over the last few months.

Visendo SMTP Extender SP2 Visendo SMTP Extender SP2

Visendo SMTP Extender is now faster and easier to install,
runs more stable and has some new, useful features in the Plus Edition.

For a detailled list of changes, click here.

Visendo Fax Server SP2 Visendo Fax Server SP2

Along with improvements in stability, compatibility and usability, we also put new features in Visendo Fax Server:
eg. the „One-Click-Configuration“, Administration via Web, Integration in Sharepoint, Mobile Clients and many more.

For a detailled list of changes, click here.

Visendo Fax Mobile Client Visendo Fax Client for Windows Phone

We are still working on it and it will be released soon(ish) ;-)

You can find further informations here.
Visendo MCS Update Visendo MCS Update
Visendo Mail Checker Server is becoming a better E-Mail-Server and Antispam-Gateway every day. Among the new features are:
- support for MDN / exchange OOF with blank sender (MAIL FROM:<>). http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3798
- possibility to use spam filters on SMTP inbound MX feature. sender gets an error response with the spam reason after the DATA command. for example: deny all mails with chinese character sets.

The last tests are running and it will be available for update next week.

Feel free to comment or contact us (support[at]ppedv[dot]de), we are always happy about feedback and glad to help or answer your questions.

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