WP7 Mango works with Visendo SMTP Extender


   Since we have an new build of our Free Community edition of the Visendo SMTP Extender, we have also tested the possibility to use it in collaboration scenarios with mobile devices. And we are using the latest WP7 Mango build for that test including our Visendo Fax Mobile Client for WP7 phone.

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   Some scenarios that SMTP extender can solve the problem :  you have an workflow that is generating emails to IIS SMTP server of an Windows 2008 Server and you need to pull,resend or forward the emails to an different email End Point that have no mail sever infrastructure (ex. exchange, postfix or any other email server). The SMTP extender it is Freeware, you can install it and configure it within 5 minutes and you have then an native, performing pop3connector for your workflow, that you can pull with any pop3 client. That Apply to SharePoint email Flows or other custom CRM systems like SAP,Dynamics that can have email communication in their application layers.

For complex flows you can use our Visendo popConnect ( ) to get the emails and forward them with an flexible routing system to different email servers or SMTP based Endpoints, or you can let the Visendo Fax Server ( ) pull the emails convert them to fax documents and forward them to fax Destinations.

check it out on our product page and let us know if you need different features or functionality changes – feedback.

Visendo Team.

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