DE-MAIL: As easy as email, as secure as regular post


We are launching a new product –Visendo popConnect DE-MAIL.

De-Mail is a German E-Government communications service that makes it possible to exchange legal electronic documents between citizens, agencies, and businesses over the Internet. And we are preparing it based on the German government requirements.
It is basically intended for the German market; nevertheless, we want to update you guys about what this means.

De-Mail: Sending is against the loss of confidentiality and against changes to the message content and the metadata.

De-Mail Registration: The sender also receives a signed confirmation of qualified,
when he sent the message and when it arrives in the mailbox of the recipient.

Both the sender and the receiver obtain confirmations of the authenticity of their legal messages. In Germany there are a couple of providers for DE-MAIL:
    * Deutsche Post
    * United Internet AG (brands GMX and Web.de)
    * Deutsche Telekom AG
    * Mentana
    * T-Systems
Visendo has launched an application similar and works similarly to popConnect 10 - basically pops your emails to your email account from multiple DE-MAIL accounts. Stay tooned for this new application.

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