Feedback required: what would you like to see in Visendo Fax Server 12?

We are getting ready to launch Visendo Fax Server 12. This version has many new features that you've suggested us during the years.
What other features would you like to see with Visendo Fax Server 12?

Here's an overview

  • Office documents server side support over printer automation
  • PDF documents support for Fax Server Standard
  • Mail2Fax encoding support (Turkish, Russian, Asian character sets)
  • VoIP, Messaging Gateways, FOIP
  • Integration
    • Office 2007 / 2010
    • SharePoint 2007 / 2010
  • Clients: Fax Printer, Web, Mobile (Android, I-Pad, I-Phone, Windows Phone 7
  • Fax printer - send fax history synchronization , document merging client side

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Visendo Fax Server

Visendo Fax@Mail10

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