Visendo Fax Server 12 is on its way!

Yes, that's great news! Fax Server 12 is on its way. We are innovating and bringing new features to our Fax Server. So let's overview a little these new cool features. You will find this new release, ready for download, in the following 6 months.

Core features:

  • Parallel processing / native of document management tasks ( image conversions)
  • Processing agents /plugins
  • Xps files support native
  • Email files type direct queue support without pop3 pooling
  • Multiple fax files per job info file
  • Corporate routing rules

Routing rules:

  • Direct mx delivery
  • Multiple smtp servers support
  • Users Rights per service
  • Adressbook synchronization

Virtualization platforms support:

  • XEN
  • VMware
  • Virtual box

Client tools

Web client / Silverlight / sidebar gadget

Printer automation

Office 2010/2007 fax merge add-on


Mobile support

  • Android based
  • Windows7 mobile based
  • iOs based

Platform tools

  • Platform as service / infrastructure as service
  • Windows Azure Fax Gateway


  • conversion tools
  • command line tools 

But until then, check out Visendo Fax Server and the new summer offers!

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