Sharepoint Fax Integration Tools v1.1


The new version of the Sharepoint Fax Integration Tools comes with a small but significant improvement: Now you also have the option to send all Microsoft Word and Word component based documents (see the complete list below) as faxes directly from Sharepoint.


So far, the web service supports images and PDF, and since you can convert almost every document to PDF with a single click, this is a pretty good feature. Besides, you can always use the Visendo Fax Printer as automated client, which provides native support for ALL file types.

But still, if you’re used to working with Word documents, it’s one further indirection step. Luckily, SharePoint provides with another easy option: Word Automation Services can be used to convert all Word documents (yes, there’s more than just DOC and DOCX) to PDF. So, when you try to fax a Word document from SharePoint, we use Word Automation Services to merge the documents and send the final document with the Visendo web service.

List of supported file formats for sending faxes to queue

Native support:


List of Word Documents that Word Automation Service can convert:


Word 97-2003 Document (DOC) and Word 97-2003 Template (DOT)

Older versions of Word as far back as Word 2.0 for Windows

Rich Text Format (RTF)

Single File Web Page (MHTML)


Word 2003 XML

Word 2007/2010 XML

Download the Visendo Sharepoint Fax Integration Tools from here:



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