Visendo Tools on Earth Day 2011

  We have still a few days until Earth Day 2011 (April 24th). It is  always interesting what organizations are doing to help the environment. Is this only discussed one day each year?  More and more frequently organizations are recognizing benefits that come with a commitment to green business.

What companies are really doing to practice sustainability year round, you can see at http://www.GreenBiz.com. Ideas such as organizing an e-waste collection and making a “Green Team” or “Green Workflow” help creating awareness throughout an organization.

The true value is really found, when you find a way to both benefit the environment and the business. This is where Visendo Document Management and Messaging Tools technology can help. Using paperless workflows is a philosophy that encourages companies to work with minimal paper in order to achieve productivity gains, cost savings and environmental responsibility. It is a challenge for any organization to really think about the impact of paper-heavy business processes on its own bottom line and on the environment. 

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