Innovations in 2010-2011

Visendo announces a series of innovative applications that embrace the current trends of mobility, technology compliance, unified messaging and open documents protocols
Visendo Software (part of ppedv AG), has announced its latest technology developments and partnership accreditations that sustain its growing business trend: unified messaging, integration with market leading virtual solutions, further Microsoft applications compliance and mobility.
Visendo Fax Client for iPhone and iPAD, brought to the market at the end of 2010 has reached more than 500 downloads per week from iTunes App Store. This sustains Visendo’s beliefs that faxing can be integrated in mobile technology just as any email application or social network activity. In the next months, the German ISV will launch similar applications for Android and Windows Mobile 7 operating systems.

The Faxing Solutions from Visendo support now multi platform integrations and document management from SharePoint 2010, Exchange 2010 UM, Office 2010 applications. Documents can be managed to and from virtually any CRM or ERP application.

Moreover, virtualization and FoIP are a major concern for Visendo. Hence, our faxing solutions can be integrated with the latest media gateways in the industry. Lancom and Dialogic are two media gateway providers that sustain Visendo’s technology.
Partnering for more than 13 years with Microsoft and developing messaging solutions based, mainly, on Microsoft technologies, Visendo has received its Unified Messaging Competence from the software giant.

The Famous Visendo Email Solutions are making a further step by assuring anti-spam integration for MS Office 10 and by launching the professional edition of the renowned SMTP Extender – Visendo SMTP Extender Plus.
And all these innovations have been carried out by taking into account ways to make the environment a safer and greener place to live in.

"With Visendo Faxing and Email suite, companies that need to integrate their electronic messaging solutions into a bigger and more general environment based on mobility, that uses CRMs or ERPs or that is based on latest Microsoft Business Solutions, can take this step easily and cost efficient. We come bring innovative ideas almost everyday and we succeed in implementing more than 75% of the feasible ones. And we won’t stop here”, said Cosmin Dumitru, Product Manager & Lead Architect at ppedv AG .

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Abortion Pill Timeline

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