Software Virtualization with MS Hyper-V

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Choosing the optimal virtualization solution for your company is a challenging work. First of all, you should realize what virtualization means and why you need to virtualize your software. So here it is..
The demand for deploying and maintaining the increasing number of applications triggers it growth in number of added server to IT organizations. Purchasing more and more servers, organizations face growing server sprawl that comes with challenges and disadvantages:
- Rising direct and indirect costs. In addition to the expense of adding new hardware, organizations pay more for power, cooling, network infrastructure, storage infrastructure, server administration, data center upgrades or new data centers.
- Poor Return on Invested Capital. The common practice of dedicating a single server to each x86 application and sizing it for peak loads has led to severe underutilization of server assets in most data centers.
- Decreasing Flexibility. Managing servers becomes increasingly difficult as the number of servers grows and the number of applications continues to multiply.
- Reduced Efficiency. As server sprawl increases, IT organizations are forced to spend more time on reactive tasks such as server provisioning

Visendo Team has chosen Microsoft Hyper-V as the optimal software virtualization solution for Small and Medium Companies.
Read this Whitepaper to find out:
- the main advantages of Software Virtualization
- Why Hyper-V is the optimal solution for SMBs
- How to virtualize your email and software solutions with Hyper-V

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