Visendo Fax Server Integration with MS Office 2010: sending a serial fax to multiple recipients

Visendo has intorduced a new facility: sending bulk email to multiple recipients by using the simple mail merge function from MS Word 2010 (from the MS Office 2010 package). The process is simple and fast: you need to select a list of recipients, import it by using the mail merge settings and hit the "send fax" button.  The Word mail merge function is a simple way to send a personalized document, in one step, to multiple recipients. You can use a data source (Excel list, database, etc.) to customize certain fields (eg address, name) for each recipient. With Visendo Bulk (Serial) Fax Add-In you can send the result of a Word mail merge directly from the fax server as a direct broadcasting.

Read the following guide for a detailed description on how to use MS Word Mail Merge facility with Visendo Fax Server (and don't forget to install Visendo Add-In before starting to send multiple faxes).

VisendoSerialFaxWord_en.pdf (844.17 kb)

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