New Year Bet: 2011 will enable faxing to develop and integrate with the latest technology trends

Visendo has taken this bet: this year, the faxing technology will be used on mobile phones (smart phones), social media (Twitter, FaceBook), SharePoint, Active Directory, various database systems etc. And why is that?

1. Because since faxing is still used world wide, people need mobility and flexibility: this is why your fax server has to be used from your smart phone. The IPhone was only the first step.. - check out Visendo website for further details.

2. Social Media is cool. Everybody uses it. Nex you will be able to share your faxes with your community. Visendo Team is working on that

3. Microsoft technology is developing further: Visendo is developing the faxing and emailing solutions to follow these trends. The latest deveopment: send bulk faxes by using the simple mail merge function from MS Word 2010.

We will take these bets further. Follow us to see the developments.

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