IPhone/IPad fax client application available on Apple IStore


Visendo Fax Solutions has released its client for IPhone and IPad devices. You will be able now to be more flexible and efficient. Basicaly you can use your IPhone as a mobile office (by enhancing emailing facilities, social media and faxing facilities).

Using Visendo Fax Client on your IPhone is fast and easy:

  • select the document to be sent from a, virtually infinite, list with documents: pdf, picture, document
  • select the contact from your current contacts or import it from Outlook
  • receive your faxes in your inbox and set-up the email account for notifications
  • set-up the number of sending retries

You shouldn't worry too much about the functionality since this is only a client for Visendo Fax Server. The main configuration has to be carried on the fax server. Visit Visendo Website for further details.


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