Winter holidays approaching: what are your thoughts about the year that is ending soon?

Hi everybody,

as we all know (because of the snow outside - in some places in Europe and US), this year's winter holidays are almost here. And this year is one month close to its end. I am sure that this has been a dynamic year for all of us, given the international economic circumstances. Moreover, i can bet that if you look behind at the things you've done during this year you will smile and hope that the next year will be even better.
But what actually happened this year? What were those events that made us think - "well, that's a good year". We have heard so many funny and interesting stories. Hence, we think that everybody has such a story to tell.

So here's what we are going to do: you'll come with a short story (here, in the comments section). Try not to write too much as we don't want to bother people with details. Stick to a couple of lines and this will be great. We will read your story and who ever has the best story to share will win a surprise prize (worth roughly 100 Euros).

I'll go first and then you..



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