Unified Messaging Systems - a do it yourself guide, episode 1

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Unified messaging (UMS) is the handling of voice, fax, and regular text messages as objects in a single mailbox that a user can access either with a regular e-mail client or by telephone. The PC user can
open and play back voice messages, assuming their PC has multimedia capabilities. Fax images can be saved or printed. A user can access the same mailbox by telephone. In this case, ordinary e-mail
notes in text are converted into audio files and played back. Unified messaging is particularly convenient for mobile business users because it allows them to reach colleagues and customers through a PC or telephone, whichever happens to be available. Some services offer worldwide telephone access. The market for Unified Messaging System is fast evolving, helping corporations reach high employee productivity and decrease overheads. However, when it comes to SMBs, the proposed solutions are whether to expensive or too complex to be deployed in an environment where budgeting and investments are carried with exhaustive attention.
We have published a whitepaper where we describe what the possible UM configurations are and what software solutions you need to use in order to deploy a complete UM solution in your company.

Read the following whitepaper:

VisendoUnifiedMessaging.pdf (123.13 kb)

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