Integrate your fax server in your organization NOW.

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Integrating you fax server in your organization is a tough mission. You have to make sure that you can integrate your fax server with SharePoint, your SMT server (Exchange), your database systems or with your existing VoIP infrastructure.
Here is what you need to do before considering taking such a decision.
1. If you’re using SharePoint, find out which version currently runs in your system. Specialists suggest that everybody should update to SharePoint 2010.
2. What SMTP server are you currently using? Integrating with your Exchange, Domino or whatever other SMTP server should be at the basics of your integration operation
3. Try to align your database systems to the requirements of your organization. And, of course, to integrate your fax server by taking advantage of the qualities held by your database systems
4. Try out several clients for your fax system based on your current needs: mobile client, webclient, fax printer etc

Find out more from this Webinar. It was presented by some of the Visendo’s specialists on the 20th of October. Enjoy.

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