Integrating your Email Security Gate within your Business System

Modern business need reliable and secure email applications in order to function properly.
Most of the times, both incoming and outgoing electronic messages pose significant risks to the security of company networks and confidentiality. Mail Checker Server is the ultimate anti-spam email gateway for enterprises.
In order to optimze your business process, you need to be able to integrate your email gateway within your existing business system: SharePoint, Exchange, Database systems, Active Directory and other.

There are several reasons for this integration:

  1. Automate the anti-spam and anti-phishing capabilities for all the documents in the system (outgoing or incoming)
  2. Archiving and storing your emails secure and reliably
  3. Sharing the recieved documents with colleagues and co-workers
  4. Being able to build a UM platform custom made for your requirements

Your email security gateway should be integrated with:

  1. SharePoint
  2. Exchange or any other SMTP server
  3. Active Directory
  4. Database storing systems

Find out more about email gateway security integrations and download Visendo Mail Checker Server to try this out.

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