Visendo Fax Server and XCAPI media gateway configuration

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Great news: Visendo Fax Server can be used with XCAPI.
XCAPI is a Fax over IP (FoIP) solution from TE-SYSTEMS. The following Application Sheet explains how to install XCAPI on your Visendo Fax Server and configure your fax server to send and receive faxes via XCAPI. XCAPI needs to be purchased and downloaded directly from TE-SYSTEMS. More information can be found on the TE-SYSTEMS website. Installation instructions are provided once you download XCAPI.

Read further (this whitepaper - VisendoFaxServerXcapi.pdf (290.56 kb) ) to find out how you can configure XCAPI to work with Visendo Fax Server. You can download Visendo Fax Server here and try it for free. Configure it with XCAPI and tell us how it works.


The main advantages is that, in this type of configuration, fax over IP networks allows you to send and receive faxes without any modem or ISDN line.

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