Visendo SMTP Extender version - RTM


First we want to thank all users that sent us feedback in the beta process of SMTP Extender. We are glad to announce the official first release. Product page - http://www.visendo.com/smtpextender.aspx

smtp extender settings dialog

There will be two different editions: a free Community Edition with full basic functionality of a POP3 server and a Plus Edition.

Some of the latest release changes (complete version history):

  • Working with Outlook 2010, Windows Live Mail 14, Thunderbird
  • POP3 Processing Critical memory leaks
  • Administration GUI usability & compatibility Fixes -
  • Support for Windows 2008 R2 & Windows 7
  • Integrated Updater
  • Executable Signature for safe Rollout over GroupPolicy or other Security distribution rules.
  • Plus Edition Features
    • support for single and domain accounts
    • Multiple Destination Fields parsing
    • possibility to use it with different mail sources than IIS smtp
  • Documentation

Get the setup packages direct from the links below or the download page: http://visendo.com/visendodownloads.aspx?id=42

Old users can use Updater Functionality or binary update from:

Let us know via support forum or email if you have any issues with the new build.

Visendo Team

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