For all the Windows 2008 Server users: SMTP Extender Stable Edition is on the market. The basic version is free.

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Finally, the stable edition of SMTP Extender is on the market. Thank you all for your feedback! It was great and our team succeeded in developing a wonderful product.
So what is the SMTP Extender?
Here's how our CEO, Hannes Preishuber, describes it:
“Not so long ago we switched our SharePoint development environments from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008. Everything was working smoothly until we needed to start sending and receiving e-mails. Shock! No more POP3 OOTB available in 2008. Microsoft has stopped developing this functionality with the 2008 version, so the POP service had only been around for only one version of Windows
Server. My first thought was that it was not necessary for server environments as there are better options available for processing mail etc. However,  a POP3 server is something that I needed to be able to keep my VPC lightweight (no Exchange needed), and still be able to test mail sending (like alerts) locally. Luckily, Visendo Team -
www.visendo.com has made an extension for Windows Server 2008 that
makes this possible.”

So, Visendo SMTP extender connects to your IIS SMTP server -Windows Server 2008, Vista, Windows 2008 SBS - and distributes  email without a POP3 connector. Try it, download it and tell us what you think! Check out the screenshots as well.

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