Green IT tips 1: reduce energy consumption

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Energy saving is one of the main issues when talking about Green IT. When we talk about energy savings we talk about: virtual servers (with applications running on and sharing the same server). This is not the only issue involved in green IT, but this is what we will be talking about today. We have already defined what "Virtualization" means. Now let's talk about what you, as an IT Administrator, should do. Here it is, simple and straightforward.

- In order to switch to Virtualization and reduce the number of physical servers, you need to purchase energy efficient servers, always opting for low power servers and server components where possible. Review the power consumption of network devices such as switches and routers. Also, If needed, replace whatever you can with more environmentally-friendly devices.

And, of course, don't forget to run your fax server in the newly created virtual environment.
Why is virtualization such a great thing? Because most computers do not fully utilize the resources (memory, CPU, disk, network) that they have which is very wasteful. So, it is simple as this: which is better: 5 computers that are all using less then 50% of their total resources, or two computers that are using 90% of their resources?
I would describe virtualization in the following way: you and 2 of your friends are going to eat a pie. However, you will only be able to eat half of the pie and you won't be allowed to take it home (the same applies for each of your friends). So what are you going to do: order 3 pies or two? Just assume that the pie costs $100. Do you have a better idea about representing virtualization? Tell it here.

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