Referral marketing: cross promotion action

Effective cross promotion can be as simple as sharing sign space with another business, or having someone put your bumper sticker on their car. If you operate a hair salon, you might give out brochures for a local nail artist or masseuse, while they return the favor with their own clients.
This is why we strongly believe that sharing is better. Let's share the advertising (online and offline) and, of course, let's share the success. Simple as that!
What we need to do:
1. Let's follow each other on Twitter and retweet if we find something useful from eachothers' tweets. So, follow-us here. Don't forget to create a list called "referrals".
2. Same for Facebook.
3. We all have blogs, right? Let's publish a post about each others' products. A very short post (3-4 lines). And let's add the others' blogs to the blogroll.
4. We all send out newsletters. Let's include a few lines about other products in the newsletters.
There are some other solutions as well. So, what do you think about these suggestions?
Do you have other suggestions? Let's become partners and share the success. Leave a comment here with your suggestions.


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