Fax Server for small business vs. fax service

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Fax Services are reliable solutions for SMBs to receive and send a limited amount of faxes every month. And they are cost effective, due to the low monthly expenditures allocated to this type of services.

Doing a quick research on available fax services on the market, you will find the following key features:

  • small monthly payments: roughly 15 Euros/ month
  • a limited number of sent/received faxes
  • you won't have to pay any attention to software maintenance or allocate additional budget to your IT department
  • and, of course, your solution will allow at most 5 users
  • any type of integration (with SharePoint, Active Directory) is carried out in the clouds

A question arises then: what happens if you already have the installed infrastructure and want to be limited and you don't want to have a limited number of received/sent faxes. Moreover, there's an other issue that should be closely traced: some statistics say that sending faxes over IP (and some of the faxing service providers do this) yields only a 77% success rate. This means that only 77% of your faxes will reach their destination.

Further we will talk about a solution that could solve these problems. So here it is:

  • up to 5 users fax server
  • unlimited number of sent/received faxes
  • 1 year or 6 month  payment (not monthly)
  • the chance to buy-out the server after 2 years
  • the total amount spent before and after buying out the fax server will be 12% lower than what you pay for any fax service
  • If you are using phone lines, you will be 99% sure that your faxes will reach their destination
  • You have full flexibility in integrating your fax server with any application or platform, operating system that you currently work with: SharePoint, Exchange, Linux etc

And, of course, after two years, if you don't use faxing anymore, you can stop the payments. You will have already benefited more than in the case of a fax service.
So what do you think about this solution? We won't show you any pricing yet, but we have shown you the idea.

How would you like to have Fax Server Express with 5 users (not one) and pay in one year less than you would pay for any fax service?

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