Action: what would you with a pack of printing paper

Here's the thing: what would you do with a pack of printing paper, inside your office if you exclude the following activities: printing, faxing, writing.


1. You should not print your emails or documents unless it is indeed mandatory (e.g - contracts that need to be signed). Just use the computer and read the documents from your monitor/pad etc
2. You should use only
paperless fax: fax servers, fax services - you will receive your faxes to email.
3. You shouldn't take notes on paper. Use your computer or your pad for this.

So, why all these? Because we care about the environment! Do you love the environment as well?

So, this action is about all the funny things you could do with a pack of paper in your office so that you don't waste that paper and you use it for 1 entire month.
E.G.: build a tent out of the paper so that you can rest there during your day break.

This action is one week long (so, until the 23rd of September). The prizes are a surprise; trust us, they're worth it. :) Share this with your friends.

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