Back to school: "Here You Have" Worm

A new worm has been released out there and it seems that it has disastrous effects. All the specialty online websites are making are talking about this "disaster" that has taken over the world.

This worm takes over the Outlook address book and sends SPAM to everbody you know: customers, partners, family, friends. And it is supposed to delete your antivirus. And you'll be sick for 20 days after you received this worm :). Moreover Ubuntu and Mac users started partying and singing about how "stupid" Windows users are and that no IT admin is able to manage such a task as deleting a worm.

Worms had been famous in the early 2000 and 2001 so, from my point of view, this shouldn't be new to anybody: we once knew hot to manage such things, we have become more experinced in time, then why should we be afraid of?

In short, you will receive an email from somebody you know with the subject line "Here you Have", you will click a pdf-look-alike link (which is actually a src) and all the bad things in the world will happen to you. Now, why would you even open an email that contains, as subject line, something as illogical as "Here you have". Here i have what??. Everybody knows that you should check out every link before clicking on it (just  roll your mouse over it, but be aware NOT to click it by mistake).

So what can I say - now you know the subject line you should be aware of; just delete the email and that should be it. And don't PANIC. You don't need to change your operating system just for that.

What you, generally, need to do is to install a reliable anti-spam email gateway and keep an eye on all the strange-looking emails you are receiving. For sure, you will realize how an inarticulate email looks like. 

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