Fax routing: a real challenge for Windows SBS 2008

Windows SBS 2008 is known to have a big problem at routing inbound/outbound faxes to email. And it is not about least routing costs and optimization. It is, mainly, about the core functionality of correctly routing these faxes to your/ from your inbox.
Customers are currently seeing issues where SBS 2008 servers receives faxes successfully, but intermittently faxes routed to email may fail. Here’s a post about this issue here, on Microsoft Blogs.
It is, therefore, very important that your faxing server/service has advanced routing configurations in order to correctly receive and send your faxes (and also to consider least routing costs).

Visendo Fax Server, even with its basic configuration, has advanced routing rules and helps you, correctly, receive and send your faxes by taking into account, also, least cost routing rules.
Give it a try, and tell us how it solved your current issues with fax routing.

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