Document Archiving and back-up: Faxes and Emails in the Web 2.0 ERA

Email and Fax archiving is an important feature of any Email and Faxing system and should be strongly analyzed before purchasing any Email or Faxing software. Together with strong back-up solutions, it is essential when dealing with confidential or official documents: contracts, invoices, receipts, bills etc. Since most of the faxes are now sent and received used email clients, it is obvious that any fax can be managed exactly like an email and hence the same archiving policies can be applied to faxes.

Any advanced fax server will have its own archiving rules together with an automatic back-up system. Hence whenever we are talking about archiving and backup, we are referring to any of the two: email or fax. Mailbox Limit is no longer an issue Google has been the first to consider the mailbox limit a real competitive advantage on the market. Hence GMAIL has gained important market share leaving its competitors (yahoo, hotmail) aside. We are talking about more than 7.5 GB of space in your GMAIL inbox. And this trend (mailbox limit as an essential competitive feature) is being followed, right now, by all the competitors of Google.

It is, therefore, logical to admit that, in the near future, mailbox limit is not going to be any internet users. If we are talking about corporations, archiving and back-up space, usually depends on the size of the local servers. Email servers are going into the clouds in the WEB 2.0 ERA An important market entry, especially for small and medium business, has been the cloud based software or services, leaving aside the on-premise software solutions. Although there are issues and discussions about security and confidentiality, more and more SMBs prefer to have their IT department into the clouds. This, usually, is related to decreasing maintenance costs, less hardware investments and focus on the core of the business.

We are not talking here whether this is the best solutions (e.g. SAAS hasn’t proved itself to be “the blast” that consultants and people thought it would be). We are just observing this trend as an important one in the WEB 2.0 ERA. The same way, come companies prefer to have their SMTP server in the clouds (whether we are talking about Exchange Server, Lotus or any other Exchange Server). And by this, the entire document (email + fax) archive is also stored into the clouds (unless stated otherwise). Of course, anybody can store a back-up of this archive on a local server or on a local hard drive. Advanced features: document tagging, instant messaging, conversations From an email archive point of view, it makes perfect sense to organize archived emails as conversations using tags, especially when dealing with Retention, Compliance and eDiscovery purposes.

Documents (faxes especially) can also be tagged before archiving so that one finds them easier later. This also means grouping documents under the same categories represented by tags. Instant Messaging is yet another important communication channel that has been growing, even in the corporate area. Instant messaging records may also need to be saved (archived) in the same way emails are retained. Visendo Fax Server is an advanced faxing solution for SMBs with rich back-up and archiving features enabling document search and document management with SharePoint 2010.

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