Visendo Software: August overview

Here’s a short list with the happy events that happened in August with our products and in our team.

1. We have continued to improve our brand new popConnect 10; thank you guys for your feedback.

2. We have tested and changed a few times our home page. It seems that the new one is much more appealing than the previous ones. Thank you again for your feedback.

3. We have started to provide more info about fax server integrations; we are working on it until we are able to integrate our Fax Server with, virtually, anything. And right now we are integrating it with any Microsoft Application (SharePoint, Office, Exchange, Active Directory).

4. We have held a great webminar on Fax over IP and Faxing into the WEB 2.0 ERA

5. There was lots of fun at our ppedv/Visendo Summer camp in the beginning of August.

We are also preparing for some great innovations; at this point we are keeping these internal; but stay connected, they will be on the market soon

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