Webminar about Fax Over IP and Virtualization

Last night at 6:00 PM, CEST, we have held a webminar about Fax Over IP, Virtualization and we started to talk about Integrations. It was a short webminar in which we included all the essentials of VoIP, FoIP and Faxing in the Web 2.0 ERA. You can download the ppt presentation here.

Our next Webminar will be about Fax Server Integrations. Since this is a very broad subject we decided to dedicate it an entire Webminar. So the  themes of the next Webminar will be:

-          SharePoint 2010 integration: how-to-guide

-          MS Office 2010: how-to

-          Active Directory 2010

-          Oracle Data Base Integration

See you there. We will let you know when this Webminar will take place.

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