popConnect10 release to web

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You will benefit from a more reliable, more secure and with more features POP3 Connector.
The current version brings more flexibility, security and easiness to use compared to previous versions. popConnect 10 remains a POP3 Connector in terms of price and usability and offer advanced functions that one, usually, finds only at complex email gateways.
The new features that popConnect 10 brings to market include:
- Filtering: anti-SPAM, anti-VIRUS plugins, keywords filtering
- Attachment extracting, header check, blacklisting
- Postmaster notifications, RSS (email forwarder), SSL support
- Rule engine (distribution), integrated scheduler, logging
- Multiple SMTP servers support
- Active Directory integration
- APOP support, GMAIL support
- Database reporting
- Single/Catch all accounts
- Server Side Integration
Find out more and download popConnect 10:

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