Fax Server Software vs. Fax Service - how and what you should choose.

So you have the following dilemma: "should I invest my money in a fax service or should I buy a fax server software?" It is a tough decision, but you should try to answer the following questions before making the purchase:
1. What is the flow of fax documents you are currently receiving/sending per day?
2. Are you planning to increase this flow? Remember that faxing is critical for legal documents, not for day-to-day messages. For these, use email or social networks.
3. Have you used a fax machine before? Do you have a fax board, a modem or a virtual gateway and are you used to concepts like FoIP and virtualization?
4. How big is your company and how many people use faxing services?
…and finally how comfortable do you feel when having your faxes sent from “somewhere in the clouds”?
After you have answered each of these questions (you don’t need to answer them in a very detailed manner), read the following whitepaper about Fax Server Software VS. Fax Services. It will help you make up your mind in a structured and consistent way. And, leave a comment here about what you think.

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