POP3 Connectors problems - renowned problems encountered by consultants and professionals

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We've recently released version 10 of Visendo popConnect. In order to figure out what new features to bring to this POP3 connector, we did some research on the most renowned errors and problems that POP3 connectors have. The list was long; we focused on solving them. It is, however, important to find out what other errors have been encountered recently with POP3 connectors.

Here's a short list with our findings:

1. With some POP3 Connectors (e.g. Microsoft SBS pop3 Connector), mails wait in queue, and at at every 15 minutes they are flushed to your SMTP Server.

2. "Catch all" problem: while catching all emails at once, they are brougth down together with tons of SPAM.  We have integrated a reliable SPAM filter that holds on to this issue.

3. Usually, it is not possible to filter unknown users - "grey listing". popconnect 10 does this.

4. We've found out a strange problem  from Simon Butler on his blog  which mentions a strange problem. We have tested the issue he had discovered and it seemed that our popConnect 10 works fine. We will come later with a description of what we've done to popConnect 10 to solve these issue.

What other issues and errors have you discovered lately with POP3 connectors? Let's discuss these issues and don't forget to download and try out popConnect 10.


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