3 cases where virtualization is too expensive

This is a joke, of course.  We are not talking about "pure" IT here.



Virtualization would mean: having a robot, driven by only one person that would do the job. Consequences: less physical effort for the soldiers => fat soldiers => weak armies. Normally this is a bad thing for a country. However, imagine if all countries had weak armies...this could yield to benefits for the humanity. :)

2. Cats and dogs sharing the same server...or rug. Could be good, but most often it ends up with severe damages for the master. What if they shared it with a mouse?

3. Care to share the server (environment - water) and the resources (food)?


Now, seriously, virtualization is, in most of the cases, a huge benefit. Read a little about fax server virtualization HERE, and you'll see for yourself. Care to share some similar cases? Do so in the comments area.

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