Why SMBs should focus on virtualization: faxing and email security cases

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Server virtualization is thought of as something that only big corporations, with hundreds of physical servers, need and, mostly, can afford. But technology evolved and the cost of virtual servers has sunk. Today mid-sized and small businesses with just a few servers should benefit from starting to be more virtual and less physical. Let’s describe, shortly, what virtualization means.  


What is Server Virtualization?

A virtual server consists of software called a hypervisor running on your physical server, which allows you to partition that one server into many virtual machines and manage them all through a single interface. This means: sharing the same physical resources for a couple of servers, managing these virtual servers from a single interface and not leaving unused resources.  


Among the advantages of virtualization in general, we find:

1. Resources saving: both physical and man/hour used at managing different servers: lower IT costs, lower cooling and deployment costs, fewer physical servers required

2. Scalability: the more a small/medium business grows the more resources it uses. Hence, by virtualization, you can ensure all these resources.

3. Faster disaster recovery


Fax Virtualization. Advantages

Fax virtualization, basically means, running the fax server on a virtual server within a VoIP environment. It’s main advantages are:

1. Resilience and reliability
2. Centralized control
3. Reduce management overheads
4. Line and bandwidth cost reduction
5. Streamline business processes by automating communications


Email Security virtualization. Advantages

Increase security with independent VMs and an invisible host OS: each VM has its own service, a security breach in one service/VM doesn’t carry over to the other services/VMs and each service VM has less potential security risks than a single machine with multiple services.

So, mainly, any company should be able to install an email gateway on a virtual machine and, SNAP, that’s it.

SMBs should take virtualization more seriously because this means: lower costs, increased security, improved flexibility and the ability to be independent of the expensive hardware. This way any SMB can focus on business growth instead of cost allocation.


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