Visendo MCS internal test: great results at filtering SPAM

We've just tested our new filter capabilities of Visendo Mail Checker Server. It was an internal test and we found out that MCS is behaving excelent. Basically, MCS is an Email Gateway that is filtering SPAM, PISHING, Viruses (attached to your email) and, basically, everything related.

You will see in the figure below 2 important facts:

1. Outbound SPAM - is close to zero: MCS has filtered everything. And we are talking here about a couple of thousand daily emails.

2. Inbound SPAM - as we all know, roughly 90% of the incoming email is SPAM. Well, Visendo Mail Checker Server behaves excellent.

I must remind you that we are talking about server side protection, not just regular client side filtering. So take a look at the figures in the picture below: 

You can try for yourself Visendo Mail Checker Server by downloading the 30 days trial version here.

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