4 tips for SMB - how to efficiently manage your important documents

SMBs  owners should bare in mind the following issues:


  1. If you have a fax machine but need more flexibility in receiving faxes, you should try fax@mail is a simple tool that allows you to receive faxes in your inbox without any complications. The new fax@MAIL 10 runs as a service and allows integration with MS Outlook 2010 x64. An other useful feature is that it offer automatic backup. Read more about fax@MAIL 10..
  2. For a greater flexibility in integrating and managind various documents within the company, a SMB should use a fax server that allows: MS Office 2010, SharePoint integration, document back-up, document storage and document search.  And not to mention that in case of financial/legal/health one should bare in mind issues regarding security and standards compliance. Read more on how Visendo Fax Server can help you and try out Visendo Fax Server for 30 days.
  3. Server side protection against SPAM, viruses and Trojans is a must. Visendo Mail Checker Server is a tool that not only protects you emails but plays the role of a complex SMTP server.
  4. While fax receiving is important, email receiving is also an important issue – when talking about multiple email accounts. popConnect is an important tool that let’s you receive your emails from multiple accounts to a single email client. This means no more time wasting. Read more about popConnect 2008.

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