Visendo Fax Server integration with virtual gateways: Fax over IP



Fax gateways systems have become an indispensable part of the modern business. With a simple, intuitive operational way and reduced paper consumption, Fax Gateways receive increasing (especially in conjunction with different virtualization solutions) attention as standalone faxes are slowly becoming obsolete. The approach combines virtualization redundancy, cost savings, security and environmental protection. Firstly, thanks to a simple backup of a virtual machine, your data is always safe. Secondly, Fax Gateways sustain the idea of "Green Computing".



The main challenge:

Many companies operate professional fax servers. Unlike conventional fax machines, these allow received faxes to be forwarded directly to employees at their extension numbers. One advantage is that an employee expecting a confidential fax does not have to wait at the fax machine; instead, the fax can be received personally—in an e-mail inbox, for example. Fax servers of this type also offer great convenience when sending faxes, for organizing contacts, and for complex job processing. This provides a significant improvement in the efficiency of fax processing in everyday business.

Due to the enormous performance capacity of modern hosts, which in most cases remains unused, very large energy resources are needed. By means of virtualization, the existing hardware resources are used more efficient

. The main challenge  is to reduce energy consumption and a better usage of hardware resources.

This can be easily solved with a virtual gateway in correlation with your Fax Server.



Together with a virtual machine, Visendo Fax server reaches an unexpected flexibility. With support for 


fax over IP (FoIP) and Virtual Modems in virtual Environment, it is also possible to connect your Fax Adapter to a virtual environment.

Read the rest of the story in our whitepaper on Visendo Fax Server integration with Lancom Virtual Gateway.

Also check out the features of Visendo Fax Server: http://www.visendo.com.


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