Fax at Mail 10 - Spy Photos

I have recently had the chance to test the new Fax@Mail 10.

So what is Fax at Mail? Well, it's a great tool that enables you to receive your faxes by email by using your ISDN card. Normally you would need a Fax Server if you want to send/receive faxes in/from your email. However, if you don;t have one, or if you are still using a Fax Machine, you can use Fax @ Mail in so many situations.

For instance:

- You leave for a business trip; and you can't carry your fax machine with you; Think how funny this would look: a huge multifunctional in your car...on the front seat. hmmm

- You are on vacation; and as we all know, on vacations people check their emails and faxes; it's normal given today's business environment.

- You fax machine is dead; it happens so often nowdays; I personally see so many twitts of people saying: "My stupid fax machine isn't working anymore...". Or similar...

So what do you do then? http://www.visendo.com/faxatmail.aspx is the best option; it's cheap, easy to use and install, it has a web interface...

Now, back to the subject. I have had the chance to test the current fax@mail 10. It suerly brings a lot of new features.

For instance:

  • Runs as service
  • Supports multi ISDN channels
  • Supports document indexing tags
  • SMTP delivery without SMTP server (direct MX sending)
  • Intuitive configuration UI
  • Supports  Windows 7 , Windows 2008 R2, virtualization , fax over ip

But let's look ahead at the pictures. We will release this version in a short while.

 1. Support view:


 2. Home view:


 3. Some settings:




 4. Wildcards:

 5. SMTP settings: 


 6. Multiples ISDN devices:



 7. Update and license settings:


8. Using MSN:


9. How to view your faxes:


10. An installation snapshot:

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