Visendo Fax Server Integrates with SharePoint

Visendo Fax Server users can now create fax documents in Microsoft Office and send them out as a fax, or save them to SharePoint with the added security of keeping the original fax document in a SharePoint library.

The Visendo Fax Server allows automation of repeatable document processes. For instance, a common loan process is the acceptance of a rapid credit review and prequalification request. These are typically received as completed forms faxed to the mortgage company. With the Fax Server SharePoint Routing, these forms automatically appear inside SharePoint as captured images that can now participate in a review process and approval workflow.

Enhanced image management is now possible with the Fax Server SharePoint Routing as fax images delivered to SharePoint libraries can now conform to enterprise document policies, security and lifecycle management, providing improved compliance and accessibility.

We have developed a detailed Whitepaper on this issue HERE. Read it, download it and feel free to ask us other details regarding this issue.


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