Increase Operational Efficiency - Build a Future-Ready Foundation

Why Visendo Suite is a a flexible software platform for your changing business needs


Many organizations have fragmented internal communications systems that include multiple applications and hardware from many different vendors. This fragmentation is challenging and time-consuming for employees, as well as expensive for IT departments that must deploy, manage, and update the systems. Communications modes are rarely integrated with other applications, resulting in disconnected infrastructure islands with multiple address books or user directories, and proprietary hardware and software applications that aren’t able to talk to each other.

 So, let's see together what Unified Messaging Tools can do for you:

Reduce Infrastructure Costs

*      Build on top of existing infrastructure

*      Eliminate parallel investments in PC and telephony technologies

*      Consolidate and replace 3rd-party solutions for security, compliance and UM

*      Use 64-bit technology for storage savings and simplify deployment with flexible server roles

*      Complement on-premise software with hosted services

Improve Administrator Productivity

*      Use Single identity for easier administration

*      Deploy easier with modular, flexible set up

*      Centralize management and control

*      Administer using powerful scripting interfaces

Extend Existing Desktop Applications and IT Infrastructure

*      Build on Active Directory to “light up” Office and SharePoint with presence

*      Add unified messaging to deliver a single inbox for email, voicemail and fax

*      Communications-enable Line-of-Business applications (CRM, ERP, etc.)

Enhance PBX Investments with Software-Powered FoIP – fax over IP

*      Integrate with existing TDM and IP-PBX telephony systems

*      Deliver high-quality VoIP through  a software  infrastructure

Extensible Platform

*      Provide a flexible, standards-based    development foundation for partners

*      Ensure diverse array of complementary           devices

Given all these, with its new Visendo 10 Suite,  Visendo has developed an integrated communications system with integrartion possibilities, such as Sahrepoint 10 integration, SAP integration. Moreover, following Microsoft Technologies trend, Visendo Messaging Solutions go hand in hand with the new email client from Microsoft - Outlook 2010.

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