Internet events: SPAM, HAM and other scams

Ham, the opposite of spam, in this case means legitimate calls for donations, action, news articles, and general discussions..
However, the two are closely interconnected: i.e - for each natural dizaster, the number of HAMs grows  with up to 2% out of the total HAMS worldwide.
For the Haiti dizaster (earthquake), the percentage of HAM related to this event reached 1.6% (source: McAfee) . However, there is no figure that shows the percentatge of SPAM resulted from this
Since these natural events started to happen often since the begining of the year (see - tornados in US, other earthquakes) it is expected that HAMs and SPAMs will have an increasing growing rate in the next period of time.
So, how do we best filter SPAMs from HAMS in our mail box?

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