Why is everybody moving to windows 7

A recent article from computerworld.com shows that Windows 7 is finally given green light from the IT. Companies are planning to move on to Windows 7 by 2014 and almost all interviewed IT directors look thrilled.

There are many reasons that support this movement: applications compatibility, better usage of resources, virtualization, interface, portability. However, we all know about the small issue that IE8 has (although it's faster than before): some internet pages are not displayed like they used to be displayed on IE6 or 7.
And again, searching on tech-forums you realize that, like any Windows operating system, there are problems and applications that won't work like intended on W7.
Companies that are not adopting W7 are saying that the benefits it brings are not essential and that t hey will be still working with XP. And the first service pack that is supposed to back up all the bugs and existing errors is still to be launched. Let's be patient, huh?
Our Fax and Email suite work fine, for now and we haven't encountered any issues in W7.
However, I think there are some more issues to be tested.

This is why we are giving away for free Standard and Express editions for those that can give us a good feedback regarding features, behavior, resources, installation and migration on Windows 7.

Here's the action: http://www.visendo.com/en/offer.aspx

Enjoy and let's hear from you soon.

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