Visendo Relaunch: Achieve more with less

This is what the new Visendo is all about: Green Messaging Solutions,  reliability with energy efficiency and reduced costs.

Our new credo -"Achieve more with less" reflects the three most important characteristics of the new Visendo 10 messaging suite: improved IT-security, reliability and environmental friendliness by virtualization and consolidation of existing technical solutions.

The entire new development strategy at Visendo, means energy efficiency, green computing and reduced costs for the companies that are implementing Visendo Fax and Email Services

Based on this idea, Visendo has now a more

powerful web presence and a strong community around it  that reflects this concept and provides intelligent tips on how companies can be at the same time environmental friendly and efficient with regard to their technical investments. Just take a quick look at our community pages: Facebook page, Twitter profile

Features of the new Software Suite (Visendo 10) are Fax Indexing, Core Installation Support, SharePoint Integration and also Windows 2008 R2- and Windows 7 Support. Except for that there will be Community Editions with reduced functionality for private individuals.

And since this has to be achieved by always listening to the voice of the customers, Visendo is monthly launching one call-to-action where visitors can win commercial editions of Visendo's fax and email solutionshttp://www.visendo.com/en/offer.aspx by providing comprehensive feedback about these products:

We were counting the testimonials that we received lately. And yes, our customers love us and our new image:

“Visendo Fax Server is among the fewest true green fax server solutions on the market that is working flawlessly and helps us reduce both costs and energy consumption! Our employees love it! “

This one came yesterday!


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