Spam and globalization go hand in hand

I've recently read a couple of reports on spamming. It is supposed that China is the second biggest spammer in the World (after USA, of course).
This is mainly confirmed by any resource on the internet; simply google it and you will find out for yourself.
However, after seing a couple of scenarios in normalization of the numbers (dividing the number of spams / population or dividing the number of sent spam-emails / existing internet connections or / number registred domains it seems that  China won't be in the top 5 countries. Neither will US.

What does this mean? Does this mean that "spamming-dedicated" servers in China are not the "biggest evil"?

Well let's take into account some economical issues: China is a fairly cheap country in terms of labour costs and equipments; a dedicated server will probably be very cheap on the black market and fairly cheap from a regular store for a Chinese company.
Other costs: domain registration, maintenance should also be very small compared to US or any European country.
Now, by doing a short research on the internet for "mail sending servers china" or related you will find some very interesting results. Of course, the companies that offer such services can not be blamed for any unethical policy. The companies that use these services should be blamed!
Because when demand exists, there will always be supply; that's a simple microeconomical rule and we should get used to this.

Now, from all these, it would be pretty easy for a spammer to rent/use a "mailing server company" at small costs. And the results are, probably, satisfactory since these practices are still used worldwide.

This means "globalization" and we can't blaim China or any other country where operating costs are low. We just need to set up an efficient antispamming system and configure it once in a while. That's it! Nothing more. And if we had such a system unified with our pop Connector, this could be even better and bring us less headaches.
Dont' worry too much on the ethical part of receiving spams; this will, probably always happen. Relax and protect you emails with an efficient anti-SPAM system.

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