Integrating: green it + security improvements + costs savings

Do you care about energy savings when sending faxes or emails?

Green technology is not only a trend. It is a realistic approach that can help you not only protect the envirnoment, but also save costs and improve your security issues. The now-a-days solutions go hand in hand.

By installing an integrated faxing solution from Visendo, you can:
- stay green: save up to 90% of your energy consumption. How? by virtualizantion. Find out more -
fax_applications_Sheet_en.docx (592.64 kb)
- simplify things and save paper: business fax numbers no longer need additional telephone lines and fax machines, and definitely don’t need paper; hence you save up space, paper and money
- save costs with paper and lose your traditional faxing machine. Let's admit it: traditional faxing machines are getting obsolete.

The relentless pressure on companies to reduce carbon emissions and act in an environmentaly friendly way will suerly grow in time.
Make your first steps in becoming an environment friendly company: take a look at Visendo Faxing Products.

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