Secure your communication with our green messaging solutions

We invite you to take a short brake form your daily routine and think a little.

1. How important is security for you? How can you send and receive messages without them being intercepted by the wrong person. Are you worried about SPAM, viruses or pishing?
When was the last time your mailbox was free of spam? What will you do to prevent all these?

Take 3 minutes to think about these issues.

Find out how can you receive your messages securely  on your email client, test our product and win a free Community edition.

- Receive your emails from multiple email accounts directly to your exchange or similar client.
- Spam and virtus protection
- Database support for your searches

2. How much do you care about the environment? What is the yearly CO2 emission of your computer or what is the energy consumption of your company's server?
How many paper sheets are you printing daily. The average office worker goes through roughly 20 pages/ day (printed, written
Take 2 minutes to think about these issues.

Learn more on how you can reduce your paper and energy consumption with Visendo Fax Servers:
- Virtualization - that is reducing 90% of your energy consumption
- Strong SPAM policy
- And what is the most important issue: fax integration: no paper - reduce 100% your paper waste in faxing; faxes are sent to your email.
All these and other important features work flawlesly with Microsoft Technology

So rethink your business communications if you care about security and environment protection.

Visendo sustains Earth Hour 2010. Do you?

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