popConnect 10 - preparing the official market release

Still a few days until releasing popConnect 10 stable version with  improved features. First of all, we want to thank our customers and users who helped us bring these new great features. We need to remind you that we have a "small" community of popConnect users: roughly 30,000 current users. And it is steadily growing;  because of these people we are launching
this new version: beacause Visendo popconnect 10 is reliable, easy to use and configure, always up to date with the latest technological trends and heavily used by 30,000 happy customers.

Before popConnect 10 stable version will be on the market, let's talk a little about the basics:

  1. What is popConnect 10
  2. How can it help your business
  3. How much does it cost and how can you try it?

1.  So, what is popConnect?
popConnect helps you connect your existing secure POP3 and IMAP accounts to any SMTP or Exchange mail server. So it helps you collect all your emails from differen accounts and sends them tou your SMTP or Exchange server. Moreover, it allow you to configure the routing behaviour (depending on your subscription plan). Also, no SPAM or pishing.

2.  How can it help your business?
You will be able to configure multiple accounts, multiple SMPT servers, send or receive messages to multiple mailing lists. To make it short: you will have full control over your emails, no matter the number of accounts or the number of SMTP servers you have. This means flexibility, control and easiness in organizing your emails. And of course, our support is free.

3.  How much does it cost?
This depends on how many users, accounts, SMTP servers you have; on how many email lists, routing rules, keywords you need. The prices are flexible and we will reveal them soon.
Feel free to try out our 30 days trial version by downloading it from here. Also, please feel free to download the FAQ papers (in english or german)  which will offer you detailed answers for the above questions - see below.

popConnect_FAQ_en.pdf (67.23 kb)

popConnect_FAQ_de.pdf (66.81 kb)


So, we will soon bring you news about the official launch of popConnect 10. Stay in touch!

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