Visendo MCS Outlook Add-In

The new Outlook Add-In for the Visendo Mail Checker Server is a big step forward in usability for users of Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010. Now, users can easily interact with their Antispam settings directly from Outlook, and don’t have to resort with the MCS administrators anymore. Manage account ... [Mehr]


Visendo Fax Server Integration with MS Office 2010: sending a serial fax to multiple recipients

Visendo has intorduced a new facility: sending bulk email to multiple recipients by using the simple mail merge function from MS Word 2010 (from the MS Office 2010 package). The process is simple and fast: you need to select a list of recipients, import it by using the mail merge settings and hit th... [Mehr]


IPhone/IPad fax client application available on Apple IStore

  Visendo Fax Solutions has released its client for IPhone and IPad devices. You will be able now to be more flexible and efficient. Basicaly you can use your IPhone as a mobile office (by enhancing emailing facilities, social media and faxing facilities). Using Visendo Fax Client o... [Mehr]


New Year Bet: 2011 will enable faxing to develop and integrate with the latest technology trends

Visendo has taken this bet: this year, the faxing technology will be used on mobile phones (smart phones), social media (Twitter, FaceBook), SharePoint, Active Directory, various database systems etc. And why is that? 1. Because since faxing is still used world wide, people need mobility and flexib... [Mehr]


Visendo SMTP Extender version - RTM

  First we want to thank all users that sent us feedback in the beta process of SMTP Extender. We are glad to announce the official first release. Product page - http://www.visendo.com/smtpextender.aspx There will be two different editions: a free Community Edition with full basic functiona... [Mehr]


Using ITiff Filter with Visendo Fax Tools – part 1

Visendo fax Suite Search Integration Visendo Fax Suite supports Tiff documents as source or destination of the fax communication Flow, that makes easier integration and collaboration with document management systems for indexing, search, enterprise document workflow. You just need to enable the T... [Mehr]


Visendo MCS internal test: great results at filtering SPAM

This is a shor presentation about the spam filtering results of Visendo Mail Checker Server [Mehr]


Windows Server 2008 doesn't have a POP3 Server. What do i need to do?

Visendo SMTP extender is in fact a native POP3 Server extension for the IIS SMTP server. That allows users to access the emails received by the IIS SMTP server with any email client over pop3 protocol. [Mehr]


Fax at Mail 10 - Spy Photos

Fax at Mail 10 - spy shots; how to configure, install, use and ask for support with the new Fax at Mail 10 [Mehr]


Apple vs. Microsoft: Who will profit from this clash?

Microsoft Apple Market Values; Apple overtakes MS market value; Small business win with Microsoft; Apple is a trend [Mehr]