Visendo popConnect 10 for dummies

We have recently received a request from one of our friends from Facebook to write a step-by-step tutorial about installing and using Visendo popConnect for "dummies". [Mehr]


Visendo Fax and Email Suite Integration with SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010

Visendo Suite can be fully integrated with both Office 2010 and Sharepoint 2010
offering full flexibility to those interested in issues like: document collaboration and search,
security and vulnerability features. Visendo Suite can easily be integrated on both Server
Side or and Client Side, depending on your organization needs. [Mehr]


Overview of the Visendo Mail Checker Server 2006 SPAM filters

MCS 2006 spam filter is made up of several individual components that each performs a specific role in detecting and preventing spam from reaching mailboxes. [Mehr]


Internet events: SPAM, HAM and other scams

Spams, Hams, and pishing - relation to natural disasters [Mehr]


Windows 7 security pros and cons: an overview

A short overview: - plus: Windows firewall improved: blocking outbound traffic mechanism improved - plus: ASLR and DEP improved- plus: IE8 imporved security issues: e.g SmartScreen - anti=pishing and anti-malware url filtering toolfiltering - plus: BitLocker to include removable drives - minus: ... [Mehr]


MailChecker Server configuration for your email security

Visendo Mailchecker is a pretty and easy to use anti-spam and anti-pishing tool that works with any email client and, thanks to Multi-layered filters, has a good detection rate. [Mehr]


Spam and globalization go hand in hand

Let's not blame others for SPAMMING. Let's secure our emails simply by installing an anti-spamming tool. [Mehr]


Secure your communication with our green messaging solutions

Secure your communications with Visendo Green Software Solutions: fax virtualization, antispam and anti pishing, pop connector prizes. Visendo sustains Earth Hour 2010. [Mehr]


popConnect 10 action: download, test, give us feedback and win a free Community Edition

popConnect 10 Action: download, test, give feedback and win a free Community Edition. [Mehr]


popConnect 10 - preparing the official market release

Visendo popConnect 10 is preparing for its stable version market release. New features, fixed bugs and more power. [Mehr]