Visendo Fax Server Integrations: Exchange 2010 UM

MS Exchange 2010 is a great UM platform which brings to the market multiple improvements compared to the previous versions. Companies that use faxing and need to migrate to Exchange 2010 UM, need to figure out how to integrate faxing systems into the new UM platform. Exchange 2010 UM has the follow... [Mehr]


Integrating SharePoint 2010 with Visendo Fax Server

Visendo Fax Services: SharePoint 2010 integration - key features and benefits of the fax server [Mehr]


Key features of SharePoint 2010; integrating SharePoint 2010 with Fax Server Solutions

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New Entries on our website

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Using ITiff Filter with Visendo Fax Tools – part 1

Visendo fax Suite Search Integration Visendo Fax Suite supports Tiff documents as source or destination of the fax communication Flow, that makes easier integration and collaboration with document management systems for indexing, search, enterprise document workflow. You just need to enable the T... [Mehr]


Green faxing in the WEB 2.0 ERA

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Faxing and the future of reliable electronic communications 1: Basics

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Visendo Fax Server integration with virtual gateways: Fax over IP

Fax gateways systems have become an indispensable part of the modern business. With a simple, intuitive operational way and reduced paper consumption, Fax Gateways receive increasing (especially in conjunction with different virtualization solutions) attention as standalone faxes are slowly becoming obsolete. [Mehr]


Fax at Mail 10 - Spy Photos

Fax at Mail 10 - spy shots; how to configure, install, use and ask for support with the new Fax at Mail 10 [Mehr]


Apple vs. Microsoft: Who will profit from this clash?

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