Visendo Fax Server Integration with MS Office 2010: sending a serial fax to multiple recipients

Visendo has intorduced a new facility: sending bulk email to multiple recipients by using the simple mail merge function from MS Word 2010 (from the MS Office 2010 package). The process is simple and fast: you need to select a list of recipients, import it by using the mail merge settings and hit th... [Mehr]


IPhone/IPad fax client application available on Apple IStore

  Visendo Fax Solutions has released its client for IPhone and IPad devices. You will be able now to be more flexible and efficient. Basicaly you can use your IPhone as a mobile office (by enhancing emailing facilities, social media and faxing facilities). Using Visendo Fax Client o... [Mehr]


New Year Bet: 2011 will enable faxing to develop and integrate with the latest technology trends

Visendo has taken this bet: this year, the faxing technology will be used on mobile phones (smart phones), social media (Twitter, FaceBook), SharePoint, Active Directory, various database systems etc. And why is that? 1. Because since faxing is still used world wide, people need mobility and flexib... [Mehr]


Winter holidays approaching: what are your thoughts about the year that is ending soon?

Hi everybody, as we all know (because of the snow outside - in some places in Europe and US), this year's winter holidays are almost here. And this year is one month close to its end. I am sure that this has been a dynamic year for all of us, given the international economic circumstances. Moreover... [Mehr]


SAP Document Delivery optimization with Visendo Fax Server

SAP is considered as the market and technology leader in business management software, providing comprehensive business software through SAP applications, services and support. Fax technology continues to be critical in several industries and for most of the financial and legal service providers. Ma... [Mehr]


Why you need deeper knowledge of FoIP before implementing it

Fax technology is still a very active and innovative part of the office environment, but it has been continuously changing in terms of appearance and technology.Its basic functionality stays the same – to transfer documents from one place to another. In today’s all-IP environments, it is... [Mehr]


Fax routing: a real challenge for Windows SBS 2008

Visendo Fax Server solves an annoying fax routing problem present at Windows SBS 2008. Users will be able to correctly route their faxes to their inbox or send faxes bu using the most efficient routes. [Mehr]


What are the real benefits of integrating a Fax Server with Exchange 2010

This post is about the main benefits of integrating a fax server with Exchange 2010. It goes down to "better communications within an environment by taking into account all the legal hold characteristics". [Mehr]



deliverability in the case of FoIP solutions vs deliverability in the case of normal PSTN faxing solutions [Mehr]


Webminar about Fax Over IP and Virtualization

Visendo Webminar about fax server integrations: SharePoint 2010,Exchange 2010, Active Directory 2010. [Mehr]